photo by Beth Mann for ArtsNow NC

In February 2015, I began documenting random observations of the times 1:11 and 11:11. They became too frequent to continue to ignore. Initially, I only made notations of the date of occurrence. Then I started capturing the occurrences with wallpaper screenshots on my phone, ultimately including elements of what was happening in my life as well. (The blue text bubbles in the message screenshots are my voice.)

My days are far from routine so occurrences aren’t triggered subconsciously by repetition or location. I don't cheat and wait for the time to come around. It has to be a random glance at a clock or phone, or an event that happened or was captured at those times, to be included in this project. These frozen moments bring me pause for mindfulness of my current circumstance and surroundings.

Eventually, these numbers began revealing themselves beyond the realm of visual time. One example is three addresses in Durham, NC that have significance in my life and are all located within one block of each other. They form an isosceles triangle as demonstrated on the map:

111 W. Parrish St. (original Carrack location - exhibitions)
111 Corcoran St. (21c Museum Hotel - exhibition installations)
111 W. Main St. (friend's apartment)

Downtown Durham, NC

The result of this ongoing documentation is a conceptual self-portrait composed of time, events, locations, and professional and social interactions — all relative to the numbers 111 and 1111 — observed and recorded within a two-year period. The first recorded occurrence was February 12, 2015. The installation of this exhibition began on February 13, 2017. A record of all 171 time captures are represented on the chalkboard.

Once I began sharing my obsession with this phenomenon among my friends, they became aware of their own random occurrences and began sharing them with me. Although I can’t include them in my personal project, I’ve established a Twitter account @e1ev1n and #e1ev1n for anyone wanting to contribute. No cheating!